Separate Senior Citizen Parking

Awhile be back, I went to a large department store with my parents who were driving around looking for a good parking spot. My dad sees a sign that says “RESERVED PARKING. SENIOR CITIZENS.” and pulls into it smiling “I’m a citizen! ?This is nice, no one around to hit my car.” We stepped out of the car and realized the only entrance is a at least a hundred feet away on the other side of the lot.

The Wolves In the Casino

Wolf at the Mohegan Sun Casino
For those of you who have been to Mohegan Sun Casino there are wolves there!
Ok not real wolves, but they look very realistic. They are found at various parts of the casino, stand up there on the casino mountains moving their heads, and I think their mouths. I don’t recall if they howl, I thought they did.

Raspberry Chocolate Chip Swirl Cookies

Raspberry Chocolate Chip Swirl Cookies
Years ago, it was my first time seeing raspberry swirl chocolate chips. They were on sale, so I grabbed some. I made Raspberry Chocolate Chip Swirl Cookies as one of many different experiments with it.
It was one of the tastiest cookies and chocolate chips ever. It has a truffle raspberry sweet chocolatey taste to it. I don’t know if they still sell it anymore but it was sooo good and I recommend grabbing some if you do. Enjoy the recipe!

Cocoa Chocolate and “Vanilla” Rice Krispies Treats

Chocolate and 'Vanilla' Rice Krispies Treats
The “healthier” reduced fat version that tastes just as good.
I had a craving for rice krispies treats and had some cocoa rice krispies and regular rice krispies so I decided to make my first rice krispies experiment that looks like chocolate and vanilla rice krispies heaven. Not exactly a bizarre food, but bizarre because it’s different. Enjoy my recipe (my coworkers absolutely did)!

This Candy is NOT 75% Off

Sign: This Candy is NOT 75% Off
After the holidays, I typically wait a week or two before scoping out the candy and holiday goodie aisle at different stores that would have good sales, to see if I can score some cheap candy or lights that I can use. One year after Holiday season (Christmas) was over, I came to the candy aisle, disappointed to see, instead of a discount sign, a sign that said “This Candy is NOT 75% Off.”

Triple Decker Over Easy Egg 3-Cheese Bread Sandwich

Triple Decker Over Easy Egg 3-Cheese Sandwich
Ok that was a long title.
I love over easy eggs and typically eat it by dipping toasted/baked sandwich in partially cooked creamy egg yolk. It is full of omega-3′s along and even more with Canola oil. I had first started making an over easy bagel egg sandwich and ended up making it a trend for my sandwiches. When I bite into it, it oozes a creamy yolk, onto the plate, to dip the sandwich as well. This time I thought to make a Triple Decker Over Easy egg sandwich with 3 cheese bread slices instead. Enjoy my recipe!

15% Maple Syrup

15% Real Maple Syrup
Back in my college years, when I had a meal plan and access to several dining hall options, we were given some very interesting options for food including 15% maple syrup. Makes me wonder what the other 85% of the syrup is made out of.

Pineapple, Strawberries, Cucumber & Avocado and Crunchy Combo Sushi Rolls!

Pineapple, Strawberries, Cucumber & Avocado and Crunchy Combo Sushi Rolls!
The other day friends came over to my apartment for sushi and movie. A friend is vegan so we made some vegan friendly sushi. We ended up skipping the movie part and spent most our time experimenting with different flavored sushi rolls, maki style, off of my personal “bizarro” sushi recipe. I used sweet rice, regular rice, and provided avocados, cucumbers, cooked pineapples and yes, crushed rice krispies. They ended up coming up with their own style!

Caramalized Rum Custard Dessert

Caramalized Rum Custard
Found another bizarre food experiment that I created for the 1st time. Experimental caramelized rum custard dessert that tastes similar to flan or creme brulee. Doesn’t look too bad. I didn’t know what I was doing, but it came out pretty tasty. The following is the informal recipe.