15% Maple Syrup

15% Real Maple Syrup
Back in my college years, when I had a meal plan and access to several dining hall options, we were given some very interesting options for food including 15% maple syrup. Makes me wonder what the other 85% of the syrup is made out of.

The dining halls ran from early morning until night time, serving different courses for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Every morning, most or all dining halls offered a variety of pancakes as one of the breakfast choices, with a selection of of various toppings, such as fruits and maple syrup. One day, in line, I came across a big potful of maple syrup with a ?little sign next to it, that said “15% Maple Syrup.” I laughed, snapped a shot on my old cell phone and was scared at the same time. The question was, what was the other 85% of the syrup made out of
I tried it anyways, and it was thinner and seemed very diluted, so I figured that they probably just added water. However, I discovered later on, after I graduated, when I visited, that there was one dining hall that offered 100% Maple Syrup… and yes, they had a sign next to it, that said 100% Maple Syrup!

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