Asiago Cheese Chipotle Ranch Smoked Ham and Cheese Sandwich

Asiago Cheese Chipotle Ranch Smoked Ham Sandwich
Nothing like a summer sandwich. Not too bizarre of a food experiment but the Asiago Cheese bread along with the Chipotle Ranch dressing gave it of a spike against the taste buds with a very distinct taste. Enjoy this recipe!
2 Asiago bread slices
2-3 Slices of smoked ham
Chipotle ranch dressing
1 American Cheese slice
Red Pepper
Black pepper
Chopped Basil if desired
Bake or toast bread with cheese slice on top until bread is crispy and cheese is melted. Add the smoked ham, sprinkle the red pepper, black pepper and basil. Top with lettuce and drizzled Chipotle ranch dressing. Enjoy! ?Please comment if you tried this recipe or modified it and let me know what you think!

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