Cocoa Chocolate and “Vanilla” Rice Krispies Treats

Chocolate and 'Vanilla' Rice Krispies Treats
The “healthier” reduced fat version that tastes just as good.
I had a craving for rice krispies treats and had some cocoa rice krispies and regular rice krispies so I decided to make my first rice krispies experiment that looks like chocolate and vanilla rice krispies heaven. Not exactly a bizarre food, but bizarre because it’s different. Enjoy my recipe (my coworkers absolutely did)!
A small spoon of butter or margarine. (About 2 tablespoon)
A 2 or 3 table spoons of water
Half a bag of marshmallows
5-8 cups of rice krispies cereal (half cocoa and half regular).
Melt butter in a pot, low heat.
Stir in marshmallows until creamy melted. Add a little water as needed to thin out.
Gently stir and mix in enough rice krispies cereal that it is coated with the butter marshmallow mixture.
Remove from heat and quickly spread out on wax paper on a baking sheet to be as thick as you want. Let cool and cut into squares.
To store, refrigerate.

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