Durian Mooncake – Stinky But Delicious

Real durian moon cake

Super stinky Durian fruit, is so odorous, it’s enough to shut down a whole school, when mistaken for a stink bomb.  It’s surprising this tropical fruit tastes wonders, as fruit shakes, ice cream, creamy candy, and creamy bubble tea, (for those with acquired taste).  Here’s an interesting thing that I’ve never tasted before. Durian mooncake.

Mooncake is at treat usually served during the new lunar year (Chinese/Vietnamese) new year.  It tends to be vegetarian, sometimes made with eggs, and extremely high in fat.  A whole piece of moon cake is normally about 90% of your daily value in fat.  Pretty fatty.

Mooncake is usually made out of mung bean, so it has a very creamy pie bread texture, and mung bean is somewhat sweet.  For those who have eaten red bean, or mochi, just think of a similar quality of taste, and a firm solid creamy texture.

I never liked mooncake for the longest time, and thought it was nasty, until I tasted a home made moon cake, made by one of the monks from the temple that my friends go to.  It was suddenly delicious with different flavors.  I’m not sure what the difference is in ingredients, especially not making one myself, nor ask for recipes, but the monk made treat, was absolutely much delicious.  The store bought moon cake tastes more like methane, gassy, semi-rotten eggs in the mouth.

Durian itself is an exotic fruit. Its fruit untouched appears to be spiky on the outside, and somewhat alien.  The smell is so strong and potent that many people cannot stand, as it is compared to the smell of rotten eggs, methane gas ,or a stink bomb.  In fact, my friend’s school mate had brought it to school one day, and the whole school shut down after being evacuated, believing that the school was being under attacked by stink bombs.  In addition, some countries, have a no durian sign, (a durian with that red NO symbol).  It’s so potent that cutting the fruit open will release its odor anywhere it can diffuse across, in long distances.

I personally don’t really like the fruit straight because it’s a bit strong, but I absolutely love fresh durian bubble tea, as well as the ice cream and chewy candies.

After my brother’s wedding with my friend, my parents gave me some Durian mooncake that someone (maybe one of the monks from the temple), or store bought.  It was likely made locally because it was very delicious.  It had durian chunks in it that were a little firm like dried papaya texture.  It was pretty delicious and filling.

I brought it in to work for snack/breakfast, but that was probably a bad idea. I noticed the smell, even through a plastic bag, so I devoured it as fast as I could.

Have you tried Durian before?  What Durian foods have you tried?  What are your favorite?



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