Gluten Free Seaweed Rice Crackers

Asian Gourmet Seaweed Rice Crackers
Another “bizarre food.” My mom bought me these Gluten Free Seaweed Rice crackers one day made by Asian Gourmet brand. This was interesting and different from the ones I’m used to. I think these crackers are made in U.S.

For those who don’t know what rice crackers are. They’re pretty much crackers made of rice instead of the flour/wheat type of crackers. I’m not exactly sure how it’s made but I think it may be grounded up rice into a flour, my guess.
The label says Oven Baked. Low Fat. Cholesterol Free. Gluten Free. Because these seaweed rice crackers are gluten free, it does have a different taste than what I’m used to. It has this essence in the taste that’s hard to explain, almost like nothing except maybe uncooked rice, if that’s what uncooked rice tastes like, but with seaweed powder so it does have that seaweed essence that is noticeable on your tongue. If it had gluten, I think it would taste more grainy or cracker-y if that’s a word. The consistency is also different. It is hard just like any other cracker but it snaps a bit different upon biting.
The best rice crackers I’ve had were the ones made in Asia and Japan, although, I’m sure there are plenty of brands made within the U.S. that tastes really good.. there are a lot of Asian food manufacturers in California. I’m also used to the rice crackers made with seaweed flakes cooked in or the ones that wrap around the cracker verses the seaweed powder. Those are the tastiest. Don’t get me wrong, these Asian Gourmet Seaweed Crackers are addictive too and I can probably finish the entire package in one sitting.

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