Pineapple, Strawberries, Cucumber & Avocado and Crunchy Combo Sushi Rolls!

Pineapple, Strawberries, Cucumber & Avocado and Crunchy Combo Sushi Rolls!
The other day friends came over to my apartment for sushi and movie. A friend is vegan so we made some vegan friendly sushi. We ended up skipping the movie part and spent most our time experimenting with different flavored sushi rolls, maki style, off of my personal “bizarro” sushi recipe. I used sweet rice, regular rice, and provided avocados, cucumbers, cooked pineapples and yes, crushed rice krispies. They ended up coming up with their own style!

This is how I knew that cooked pineapples went well with rice: My mom would make delicious rice dishes with pineapples, called sour soup, which consisted of fish, tomatoes, pineapples, and several other veggies and herbs cooked together to create a soup from all the natural juices. The soup could be served with rice soaked in afterwards, with the soup drizzled onto rice, or by itself. So I figured, cooked pineapple sushi would probably be be pretty tasty, especially considering that sweet rice pretty much goes with anything– sweet, salty or fishy.
Then I decided to roll up some pineapples with some avocado too and those came out delicious too. My friends LOVED it.
I’m pretty sure that if you don’t see pineapple sushi on the menu now and if someday you suddenly see it on the menu, perhaps they got the idea from me and this blog!
We did a lot of cucumber avocado rolls. My friend tried putting bigger avocado chunks. Then funny thing, my other daring friend saw that I had strawberries laying around and took the wild side slicing it up and making strawberry sushi. Strawberry sushi was pretty interesting. It wasn’t bad, just two flavors in one that became a surprise.
As for the crushed rice krispies.. I substituted that from having the Panko bread crumbs that were similar to tempura because it had some dairy in it, which vegans don’t have. I figured.. rice krispies is made of rice, so it must be OK with rice. I sprinkled it on some of the sushi and it was actually really good. I love the crunch.
As for condiments, I had soy sauce, wasabi, spicy Thai mayonnaise, (which is similar to the Japanese spicy sauce that usually is served with spicy combos). Although I didn’t recommend dipping the fruit sushis with the sauces, I think the mango sushi tasted OK with the Thai mayo.
We ended up skipping the movie for next time and instead enjoyed the sushi we worked hard on, over good conversations with good friends. :)

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