Roasted Minced Onion Gravy Cheese Fries!

Roasted Minced Onion Gravy Cheese Fries!
Another one of my “bizarre food” creation, which I don’t recall ever seeing it as a flavor for fries at restaurants– Roasted Minced Onion Gravy Cheese Fries. Another quick and easy recipe.

The easiest, and probably not as healthy as fresh fries, is to get some frozen fries and follow the directions as indicated. Usually, it’s bake 475 F degrees for 10-20 minutes depending on what type of frozen fries. “Fast Fries” would be quicker. But near the end of the cooking process, about the last 3 minutes, sprinkle on the minced onion (bottled and dry) and shredded cheese on the fries and continue baking watching closely until the minced onion roasts a golden brown and cheese melted. It’s important to watch closely to NOT burn the minced onions (or the cheese), because it can happen so quick. When cooled, you can drizzle on warmed up/cooked bottled gravy. I think this one was beef gravy.
A healthier alternative is slicing potatoes thinly into fry shape, coating a thin layer of canola oil to cook to crisp and sprinkle with fresh thinly sliced onions near the end, but be careful that the fresh onions don’t over roast and burn as well. Making some fresh homemade gravy helps too and is probably healthier than ones with preservatives, but there are probably some pre-made gravies available without preservatives.

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