Spicy Vegan Bean Tacos

Vegan Bean Tacos

I’m a dairy/meat eater, and not a bean fan, but surprisingly, this vegan bean tacos my friend made me, was actually really tasty.

About 2 years ago, a friend helped move me into my new apartment and surprised me with this vegan tacos dinner. He’s a straight edge vegan, which means no drugs, alcohol or animal products, (meat, diary, gelatin, etc).  I’m not a bean fan but the way that this was probably boiled down (the beans became creamy to the chew), was tasty actually.  I do love tacos.

If I recall how this was made, the beans were boiled down, then sauteed with mexican spice seasoning. Then we diced fresh veggies (tomatoes, lettuce), and topped with spicy taco sauce. Onions were sauteed, almost caramelized. Easy to make, and a light meal.  Oh I cheated with the cheese.


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