The Wolves In the Casino

Wolf at the Mohegan Sun Casino
For those of you who have been to Mohegan Sun Casino there are wolves there!
Ok not real wolves, but they look very realistic. They are found at various parts of the casino, stand up there on the casino mountains moving their heads, and I think their mouths. I don’t recall if they howl, I thought they did.

One day my friend, after visiting Mohegan sun several times more than me, just noticed the wolves, and it scared her for a little bit. Then we posed in front of the mountains and wolves for some pics, which was pretty cool. Sorry that the quality isn’t clear here from my cell.
For those who haven’t been to Mohegan Sun, they have all sorts of restaurants there, shops, night clubs, kids area, a Mohegan Sun arena (for large casinos), free concerts at the Wolf’s Den, and of course slots. The decor is very nice throughout and makes you feel like you’re at a fancy place. It is pretty pricey there, probably targeted for winners or those who want a fancy place to hang at. I tend to eat before I go and just split appetizers with friends.

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