Tomato Basil Mexican Cheese Tortilla Crisp Pizza

Tomato Basil Mexican Cheese Tortilla Crisp Pizza
Awhile ago, I had another weird “bizarre foods” experiment and came up with a tasty recipe of Tomato Basil Mexican Cheese Tortilla Crisp Pizza. Basically, it’s a personal sized “thin crust pizza” in which the crust is a really a flat, unwrapped, baked tortilla wrap. Check out the recipe. I hope you enjoy it!
Tortilla wraps
Fresh sliced and ripe tomatoes
Shredded mexican cheese
Basil (fresh chopped or dried chopped seasoning)
Red pepper seasoning
Thick and creamy chipotle ranch dressing.
Sprinkle shredded mexican cheese on tortilla wraps laid flat. Bake the tortilla wraps at about 200 degrees Fahrenheit until slightly golden and crispy and cheese is melted. If you want a little tomato saucy not he pizza, throw on the sliced tomatoes right before crispy, but don’t’ overcook as the tortilla wrap will become soggy.
Sprinkle with generous amounts of basil, red pepper season to add spice.
This would be considered a white pizza without pizza sauce and chipotle dressing drizzled on top instead.
Please comment if you tried this recipe or modified it and let me know what you think!

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