Triple Decker Over Easy Egg 3-Cheese Bread Sandwich

Triple Decker Over Easy Egg 3-Cheese Sandwich
Ok that was a long title.
I love over easy eggs and typically eat it by dipping toasted/baked sandwich in partially cooked creamy egg yolk. It is full of omega-3′s along and even more with Canola oil. I had first started making an over easy bagel egg sandwich and ended up making it a trend for my sandwiches. When I bite into it, it oozes a creamy yolk, onto the plate, to dip the sandwich as well. This time I thought to make a Triple Decker Over Easy egg sandwich with 3 cheese bread slices instead. Enjoy my recipe!

Here’s my how you make it:
3 Slices of 3-cheese bread
2 eggs
Seasoning desired e.g. garlic powder, onion powder, chili, black pepper,
Canola oil
Bake bread until crunchy or desired crispness (e.g. a few minutes at 250 degrees farhenheight
Meanwhile, heat a pan with thin layer of canola oil medium high. When hot enough, crack eggs to fry until egg white solidifies lowering temperature to medium, depending on stovetop oven. Season with seasonings. Carefully flip over to cook a little the other side, enough that the egg yolk solidifies a little, leaving the rest of the egg yolk, still liquid. Feel free to season this other side as well.
Remove eggs from pan immediately. Layer bread, egg, bread, egg, bread to create the triple decker egg sandwich. If lettuce is desired, feel free to add as well.
Note: Anything uncooked or not cooked enough increases chances of food poisoning and salmonella. Cook at your own risk.

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