Glade Cherry Chocolate Sparkle Candles

Glade Cherry Chocolate Sparkle Candles
Here’s another interesting scented candle I came across about two years ago during the holidays, Cherry Chocolate Sparkle center candles by Glade.

I sniffed it, and it does smell like cherries (maybe artificial cherries) and chocolate combined, but probably comparable to the smell of real chocolate covered cherries. It smelled really good. So with my cherry obsession, I had to have it. It was on sale. I haven’t burned it myself yet as I still have tons of other candles I have to use up first, but from my candle sniffing experience, anything that smells really good unburnt, usually smells good. As far as I know, Glade is known to make scents potent enough to make a room small good, (at least with their heated oil scents).
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