Separate Senior Citizen Parking

Awhile be back, I went to a large department store with my parents who were driving around looking for a good parking spot. My dad sees a sign that says “RESERVED PARKING. SENIOR CITIZENS.” and pulls into it smiling “I’m a citizen! ?This is nice, no one around to hit my car.” We stepped out of the car and realized the only entrance is a at least a hundred feet away on the other side of the lot.

My dad thought it was going to be much closer, but it was like a hike for us to get to the entrance. Perhaps the reason why they isolated the senior citizens parking, was in fact to stereotypically prevent them from hitting other cars. However, it makes me wonder, how senior citizens make it out there to the entrance in if they have a cane, walker, wheelchair or exhausted muscles. I know if I was struggling, I’d probably wouldn’t be able to shop ’til I dropped because I’d probably walk ’til I drop before making it to the entrance. I feel like it was a promotional error on their part.

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