This Candy is NOT 75% Off

Sign: This Candy is NOT 75% Off
After the holidays, I typically wait a week or two before scoping out the candy and holiday goodie aisle at different stores that would have good sales, to see if I can score some cheap candy or lights that I can use. One year after Holiday season (Christmas) was over, I came to the candy aisle, disappointed to see, instead of a discount sign, a sign that said “This Candy is NOT 75% Off.”

Whether it’s Christmas, Fourth of July, Easter, Halloween, Valentine’s day, etc, I hope for 75% or even better, 90% off sales for candy that ends up costing just a few cents, just to share that joy to friends and co-workers. Lights are awesome because it’s functional and an alternative to regular lighting. My holiday light bulbs tend to burn out after daily use.
The day that I saw that bizarre sign for the first time, there was however, another aisle where things were 75% off. There wasn’t much left, but I scored some bags of chocolates, like Creepy Peeper Mixthat my coworkers got to enjoy.

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