Eating Fish Embryo

Fish Embryo
Don’t judge us for eating what’s already inside a pregnant fish. Eating fish embryo is no different than eating fish eggs that you eat at a sushi/Japanese restaurant or maybe caviar, except that it looks different (more like an embryo) and tastes different.

Chicken Cartilage

chicken cartilage
Little do people know the benefits of chicken cartilage. That is why chicken soup has healing properties good for curing colds. Chicken soup is boiled chicken bones, which the nutrients and juice enriched from cartilage to become a soup. Cartilage itself is a good source of calcium. Yes I eat bizarre foods including chicken cartilage right off of the joints of the drumsticks.

Sugar Free Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Candies

Sugar Free Ice Cream Flavored Candies - Mint Chocolate Chip
I came across some Ice Cream flavored “sugar free” candies the other week. I had no idea that such flavors existed in sugar free. I’m not diabetic, but I started having small cavities about a year ago, and others who come to me for their sweet source are trying to tone down on the sugar, so I figured I’d try this out.

Asian Thanksgiving

 turkeys with stuffing, american styled mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, yam, egg rolls, asian

I don’t really celebrate Thanksgiving but we are pretty grateful for having a day off from work on a weekday to catch up with family and friends, some who I rarely see with our busy lives. Every year for the past few years, my family and I would attend attend friends’ house for a huge feast of Turkey.. and Asian food.

Cough Syrup That Tastes Like Death

Prescription Cough Syrup with Warning

Not exactly food, but I was prescribed this optional cough syrup awhile ago. I’ve never seen such bio-hazard looking warning sign on a cough syrup bottle, labeled bright yellow and red on a bright orange red bottle, and thought to myself, this is bizarre and this can’t be healthy.

Creepy Peeper Mix

Creepy Peeper Mix, Palmer assorted chocolate flavored candy

Halloween chocolate flavored candies I came across another year that I misread as “Creeper Peeper Mix” instead of Creepy Peeper Mix. It would have been more catchy if it was named that way. I had find out what this was anyways.

The World’s Largest Gummy Worm

I came across this World’s Largest Gummy Worm Commercial and was speechless. It then gave me a flashback of a childhood friend who was morbidly afraid of gummy worms, so I can’t imagine the terror this would have brought. Regardless, this commercial was bizarrely humorous.